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Spa & Wellness in Bulgaria

With its more than 1600 mineral-water springs, Bulgaria is a very attractive destination for spa and wellness holidays.

Bulgarian mineral waters have a very diverse chemical composition. Most of them are lightly mineralized but contain dissolved minerals, curative gases and biologically active microelements. That is why they have significant healing powers. Their temperature varies from 190C to 1020C. Scientists agree that all kinds of known mineral waters around the world are to be found in Bulgaria.

Thanks to this abundance and diversity of therapeutic factors, Bulgaria provides probably the best conditions in Europe for effective hydrotherapy, mud-cure, climatic and thallasso-therapy.

The healing properties of mineral waters in Bulgaria have been well-known since ancient times. The Thracians and, later, the Ancient Greeks and Romans discovered their favourable effect and built settlements, baths, healing sanctuaries and pools around the springs. Ancient spas like Augusta, Pautalia, Serdica and Aezudava – modern Hissar, Kyustendil, Sofia and Sandanski – have continued to ease the sufferings of thousands to this very day.

Bulgarian spa resorts have the advantage of being located in beautiful areas with a favourable climate. The lovely scenery and clean air as well as the short-wave ultraviolet radiation and negative air ionization help to ensure a perfect spa or wellness vacation.

The treatment centres have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, and highly professional staff. The hotels provide excellent opportunities for recreation and hydrotherapy all the year round. Respiratory, cardio-vascular and coronary diseases, neurological disorders, stress, metabolic, locomotory and many other disorders are successfully treated and cured.

Hissar, Velingrad, Sandanski, Varshets, Devin, and on the Black Sea coast Pomorie, Albena, Sveti Konstantin and Golden Sands are but some of the many spa towns and resorts in Bulgaria offering hydrotherapy and climatic therapy.

SANDANSKI has been known for its curative mineral-water springs since ancient times. It is located at the foothills of Mount Pirin in southwest Bulgaria, at a distance of 160 km from Sofia. Sandanski is the warmest and the sunniest town in Bulgaria, with the lowest annual precipitation.

Springs: More than 20 mineral-water springs of total discharge 21 l/sec, hypothermic (420C to 810C), low mineralized, silicic, slightly fluorine, of slightly alcaline reaction, soft.

Indications: Sandanski’s micro-climate is one of the best in Europe for the treatment of bronchial asthma, other chronic pulmonary and respiratory diseases, disorders of the locomotory system, the peripheral nervous system, the excretory system, bile stones and the gastro-intestinal tract are also successfully cured.

HISSAR is located in central Bulgaria, on the southern slopes of Mount Sredna Gora, 170 km from Sofia and 40 km north of Plovdiv. It has warm and mild winters, moderately hot summers, and long and warm autumns.

Springs: 22 mineral springs with total discharge of 4000 l/sec, of temperature between 370C and 520C. The waters are clear, colourless, with a pleasant taste and without smell, slightly mineralized, of magmatic and infiltration origin; hydrocarbonate-sodic, sulphate, rich in metasilicic acid, fluorine and radon. They contain 20 different microelements.

Indications: Diseases of the excretory system, gastro-intestinal tract, bilious-liver diseases, metabolic disorders, gynaecological, arthro-rheumatic, neurological and vascular diseases, diseases of the respiratory system and dermatoses.

VELINGRAD is the most beautiful and most famous of Bulgaria’s hydrotherapy resorts. It is an internationally known climatic therapy and health resort. Velingrad is situated in the most beautiful part of the Rhodope Mountains in southern Bulgaria, some 135 km from Sofia.

Springs: 70 mineral-water springs with curative and prophylactic properties. Together with its numerous mineral-water springs, Velingrad takes pride in another natural phenomenon as well – the Kleptuza. This is the biggest karst spring in Bulgaria with a debit of 1200 litres of ice-cold water per second. The mineral waters (from springs and wells) vary considerably in temperature, mineralization, radon, silicic acid and fluorine content, and are suitable for treatment of a wide range of diseases.

Indications: Treatment of non-specific diseases of the respiratory tract is particularly successful. Considerable experience has also been accumulated in the effective treatment of locomotory, nervous and gynaecological disorders.

Spa & Wellness in Bulgaria