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Landscape & Scenery in Bulgaria

Beauty has many faces and many names. One of them is Bulgaria.

With its very varied relief and splendid scenery, Bulgaria is virtually like a continent in miniature. Called “the sleeping beauty of the Balkans” by the New York Times magazine, the country has four beautiful and mild seasons and a gorgeous landscape.

Bulgaria’s landscape and scenery are amazingly beautiful. Snow-topped mountains rise up to the skies and slope down to the sea, vast plains and green valleys stretch across the countryside, dotted with virgin forests and crystal-clear lakes and rivers.

Bulgaria’s mountains are truly magnificent and diverse, from the rocky pinnacles of Mount Pirin to the rounded wooden slopes of the Rhodope Mountains and Stara Planina (the Balkan Range). Their wildlife is well-preserved, rich in plant and animal species some of which are unique for Europe.

The mountains alternate with vast fertile plains, such as the Thracian Plain in the south and Dobrudzha in the north. The spectacular Valley of Roses in the central part of the country, between Stara Planina and Mount Sredna Gora, is probably the only one of its kind in the world. The best time to see it is in May, when millions of roses blossom and fill the air with their sweet fragrance.

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is a chain of wide sandy beaches, vineyards and orchards that slope gently to the sea, rocky promontories and sheltered coves.The charming resorts do not disturb the harmony of the scenery but complement it magnificent scenery, wonderful climate, monuments of a glorious past, churches and monasteries withlong history, beautiful mountain ranges with thousands of plant and animal species, beautiful beaches with fine golden sands, clear sea waters, curative spas, a delicious cuisine and excellent drinks will attract every client visiting Bulgaria.