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Adventure tours in BulgariaAdventure tours in Bulgaria

What better way to experience the beauty and culture of the country up close than on foot or walking, hiking or on a bike tour! We will guide you both to the big tourist attractions and small forgotten places. We go to far-away sites unspoiled by civilization, and have closer contact with nature, local people, culture and way of living.

We pass by picturesque old villages, hidden valleys, unmarked trails and secret spots off the beaten track and get a true feel of the country and its inhabitants. We take you to those out-of-the-way local sights that guide books don’t know and many tourists never have the chance to see. We are dedicated to offering travellers the experience of their lifetime – full with excitement, comfort and great memories.

Our trips are active and interesting but still allow time to relax and appreciate where you are. We provide a chance to experience the country in an authentic and exciting way. We truly love showing Bulgaria to others. Our guides are carefully selected with excellent knowledge of the local place. We also offer easy going activity options – so there will be a choice for your clients walking or just enjoying the nature with a book in their hands as per their choice. We have different grades of trips to suit all energies and fitness.